Karaganda State Medical University

Today Karaganda State Medical University is one of the leading medical university of the Republic of Kazakhstan: according to the results of the National Accreditation Centre’s rating in 2008, KSMU has occupied the 8th place among 60 Kazakhstan leading universities and now it is the leading medical school in the Republic. State Certification Commission (2007) noted the high achievements of the University in the organization of academic, research and educational efforts and was recommended to «establish a school advanced experience based on KSMU not only for medical universities in Kazakhstan, but in Central Asian Republics and CIS countries ».

KSMU is the first medical university in the RK, which has passed away successfully in 2005, the certification in accordance with the requirements of all kinds of management quality of International Standard ISO 9001-2000 certification authority NQA – Russia – the Russian Representation of the British authority in certification management systems, NQA – UK Global Assurance. Near 5000 students from all regions of Kazakhstan, CIS countries, and also foreign nationalities in University study in five faculties.

The Education in the University is conducted in three languages – Kazakh, Russian and English. The multilevel structure of the continuous training of healthcare manpower is implemented in the University, including a medical college. It used the methods of medical workers mid-tier training, and also the faculty of postgraduate education and continuous professional improvement. Here every year over three thousand medical doctors of various specialties are trained. High levels of post-graduate training at the university confirmed the significant increase (of 6.5 times with comparison of 2006) applications for the specialization and training of physicians from all regions of Kazakhstan. Competitiveness of university is supported by developed infrastructure: 4 comfortable well-organized educational buildings with lecture and seminar classrooms, 7 dormitories, 36 bases of the clinical departments, and clinical base has the student polyclinic and dental polyclinic. The amount of computers in the departments and units of University, connected to Internet, increased in 3.5 times including in some dormitories in 2009, in comparison of 2006.

KSMU has a license for teaching in the master’s degree, postgraduate, doctoral candidacy. The Dissertation Council of presentation doctoral thesis in a degree of “Clinical pharmacology, the internal medicine” and three Dissertation Councils work actively in conjunction with the Capital University. The scholastic stuff with high rating qualification is working in our university. Near 200 teachers have the degree level of Ph.D.

All of them are actively participating in the International and Republican conferences and recitations. There were only 336 trips in 2008. The training of teachers has increased by more than 5 times in comparison with 2006.

KSMU has closed international relations with universities and research centers in countries near and far abroad. It has a power scientific base, consisting of SRC, where conduct successfully modern researches at applied and basic directions of medical science. The University collaborates with the Association of medical education in Europe (AMEE), Great Britain, and World Federation of medical education in a sphere of improving medical education quality. International and Republic conferences and seminars are navigated on the base of University. The Karaganda State Medical University had given the free passes 32742 physicians, which have more than 59 years old.

Our graduates are working successfully in Kazakhstan and in near and far abroad countries. High qualification of training for specialists in health care, active participation in the realization of priority areas for development of KSMU based on the main regulations of health reform and the President’s messages of the Republic of Kazakhstan. We can be sure in our future. The Education in Karaganda State Medical University is a guarantee of a stable future.

Welcome to our University!

With best regards,

Dosmagambetova Raushan Sultanovna,

The Doctor of Medical Sciences, the Rector of KSMU

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