R.S.Dosmagambetova graduated excellent Karaganda State Medical Institute in 1979. She worked on specialty trainee-researcher, doctor and laboratory assistant. After the defense of Ph.D. thesis in the Institute of basic pathology and pathological dissertation AMS USSR in 1984 she worked as assistant and in 1992 – as a docent of medical diseases subdepartment in KSMI. In 1998 she presented doctoral dissertation on degree of “medical diseases” in KazNMU, and in 2001 she was approved the down-grade of professor on degree of “medicine”. In September, 2001 she was the vice-chancellor in academic and educational efforts in KSMA. 4.08.2011 she nominated on the place of Principal of KSMU.

Zakir Zakiriyanovich Bekturganov was born in 1977. He graduated Southern Kazakhstan State University named for M. Auezova on specialty “Economics and management” in 2000. He was head specialist of state purchases department SU “Economics and development management of enterprise” under Akim of c. Karaganda from 2003 till 2005. He was removed as head specialist of financial and economic department in Karaganda Regional Department of Education. After graduation of Kazakh National Technical University named for K. Satpaev in 2005, he continued the work as chief of building organization department in SU “Management of Architecture, Building and Urban Development on Karaganda region”. In 2006 had appointed as assistant of the Ministry of Environment Protection in c. Astana. In 2006-2007 worked as deputy director of DMTS in IO “Karagandatsevmet” of LTD “Corporation Kazakhmys”.

Vilen-Borisovich Molotov-Luchanskiy is the vice-principal on Educational and Methodical Work, d.m.s., professor
VilenBorisovich Molotov-Luchanskiy was born in 1953. He is Russian. He graduated Karaganda Medical Institute on specialty “Medical Business” in 1981, Clinical Residency on specialty “Internal Diseases” in 1990.
He had been begun his teaching work in KSMA since 1990. The experience of Doctor’s work is 24 years. He has the higher category of Therapeutist, Certificate of Physician on specialty “Endocrinology”. He defended his candidate thesis in 1975 and thesis on specialty “Internal Diseases” in 2007.

VBahyt Nurgalievna Kosherova – the vice-principle on Clinical Work and Continuing Professional Development, d.m.s., professor
BahytNurgalievnaKosherova was born in 1967. She is Kazakh woman. She has higher education and finished with excellent marks in 1990 Karaganda State Medical Institute. She worked as infectiologist in Kokchetav Regional Children Hospital. She was transferred on position of laboratory doctor from November 1992, as assistant from September 1996, as docent of Children Infectious Diseases Department from September 2000. She defended her thesis for academic title competition of candidate of medical sciences on theme “Clinical and biochemical aspects of Children ARVI complicated and uncomplicated forms” on specialty 14.00.10 – infectious diseases in Dissertation Council of KazNMUn.a. S.D. Asfendiyarov in 1997. She was transferred on position of the Head of Medical College at Karaganda State Medical Academy from 2002. The thesis “Pathogenetic therapy reasoning of children salmonellosis” is defended by her for academic title competition of doctor of medical sciences in 2006.

Kuatbek Kuanyshbekovich Toleubekov, c.m.s., Dean of General Medicine and Dentistry Department for Educational Work.

Dr. Dinesh Choudhary, Vice Dean of General Medicine and Dentistry Department for Educational Work with foriegn students.
He is orthopedic surgeon, graduated clinical residency at Karaganda State Medical University. He can speak in Kazakh, Russian, English, Indian Languages.

Mr.Mukesh Kumar, Official Representative of Karaganda State Medical University for India to Carry out Admission
procedure on behalf of Karagandha state medical university in medical faculty in English Medium,5 years course.

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